The Dental Face Lift – A New Bite with TMJ

Snap, click-pop! A new breakfast cereal? Or the sound most of us hear, from time to time, when we greet the day with a big yawn, or open wide for the first bite of breakfast? If your jaw is talking back to your breakfast, chances are, you’ve got TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome. Simply put, your jaw and its supporting muscles and ligaments are out of sync.

When I Grow Young I Want to Be…

When I grow young, I want to be Betty White and Mathilda Klein. Who do you want to be?

Anti-Aging Indominable Spirit – Betty White My Heroine + Video

Closing in on 90 and still going strong, Betty White has always had my undying love. A total anti-aging indominable spirit – Betty White my heroine is, for me, right up there with all the great ladies in history. This game gal is proof positive that age is just a number.