Removing Your Own Cataracts Naturally!

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the world today. It numbers 3 million yearly in the U.S. alone.
Of these, serious complications, such as, retinal detachment, corneal edema, or the need for a cornea transplant will claim around 27,000 individuals. And while cataract surgery is generally recognized as being very safe, there is a significant complication rate. Within two years, 30% to 50% of the individuals having cataract extraction develop opacification (cloudiness) of the posterior lens capsule that will require laser treatment.

Anti-Aging Fish Oil Facials? MDs Perricone and Tornambe Agree

Anti-aging fish oil facials? MDs Perricone and Tornambe agree the skin benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, besides their amazing overall systemic benefits, are rejuvenating food for the face, taken internally as well as applied topically.