Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2017

What is the Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart? The Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart uses the moon’s natural cycle as it applies to hair care. But we aren’t dealing with the usual lunar cycles in the astrological calendar which is based on a 12 moon cycle. Instead, Anthony Morrocco has drawn his amazing hair cutting chart from the […]

Help My Hair is Thinning! Part One

Thinning hair can result from stress, illness, a low thyroid, routinely prescribed drugs, lack of, or overdosing on, nutritional supplements, androgenic steroids, over-processing with perms, bleach, toxic colorants, hair straighteners, and hair dryers. For women, hormonal swings after pregnancy or menopause, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be responsible.

Fabulous Hair – Anthony Morrocco’s 2014 Lunar Hair Cutting Chart

You can dramatically heighten  your hair’s beauty, length, strength, and thickness by knowing exactly when to cut your hair, says expert Anthony Morrocco, There are special energy days when clipping can excite your hair’s growth rate to lengthen your tresses and strengthen your roots, follicles and bulbs to improve resiliency. You can promote new growth […]

Anthony Morrocco’s Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart for 2013 Updated

The dates you trim your tresses can make the difference between luxurious, healthy hair to down right aborting hair growth, confesses hair care guru Anthony Morrocco. Each year, Anthony graciously gifts us his oh-so-effective Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart. And here it is for great hair days in 2013. The days on which you cut your hair can rejuvenate, strengthen, beautify, and so much more.

Anthony Morrocco’s Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart – Part 2

Hair care expert Anthony Morrocco reveals the second six months of his vital Lunar Hair Cutting Chart for 2012. He offers the exact dates that hair should be blunt cut or the head shaved to enhance growth, thickness and the overall beauty of your tresses.  Dates listed are specific. Benefits can equal 6-16 acupuncture treatments. […]