Natural Skin Care Hidden Gluten Danger

Natural Skin Care Hidden Gluten Danger

Natural Skin Care Hidden Gluten Danger

Proving not all natural ingredients are benign skin care, and emphasizing the fact that even though the gluten molecule is too large to be transported directly into the body through the skin, gluten can still be transferred from the skin into the mouth. A new study underlines the natural skin care hidden gluten danger:

Information About Cosmetic Ingredients is Difficult to Obtain: A Potential Hazard for Celiac Patients—presented at the American College of Gastroenterology’s (ACG) 76th Annual Scientific meeting reported the lack of readily available information about cosmetic ingredients may cause patients with celiac disease who use lip, facial or body products to unknowingly expose themselves to gluten, an ingredient they need to avoid.

The study focused on the top 10 cosmetic companies in the United States in order to evaluate the availability of information about cosmetic ingredients and the accessibility of gluten-free products.

“While information on the ingredients of food products has become increasingly available, recent reports have revealed the use of some cosmetics, including products used on the lips and face, can result in unexpected exposure to gluten,” said researchers Marie L. Borum, M.D., EdD, MPH; and Pia Prakash, M.D., of George Washington University.

Natural Skin Care Hidden Gluten Danger

Borum said this study was prompted in part by one of her patient cases, “Body Lotion Causing A Celiac Exacerbation and Dermatitis Herpetiformis: Natural is Not Always Healthy,” where a 28-year old woman experienced exacerbation of her celiac symptoms, including gastrointestinal complications and a recurring skin rash after using a body lotion advertised as “natural.”

“It was difficult to determine whether gluten was contained in the product she was using,” Prakash said. “But once she stopped using the body lotion her symptoms resolved. This case highlights the fact celiac patients face a huge challenge in trying to determine whether cosmetic products contain gluten—and a risk of unknowingly exposing themselves to gluten.”

The source for this information is the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG).

The complete article can be found on Newswise.

The video below lists the ways gluten can be transferred not only from our own lipsticks and lotions, but from your significant other and children. This site will keep you abreast of the natural skin care hidden gluten danger. If you know someone who may have celiac issues, please Like and Share this information. You might even give it a Tweet or two.




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