Mature Skin Makeup Secrets – Five Makeup Artists Advise + Video

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets

Taking care of older skin and enhancing one’s appearance is not very difficult, but it is important to understand your skin, its needs and how to bring out your best. Basically, mature skin makeup secrets are comprised of good common sense. Five makeup artists offer their candid suggestions and share a few secrets.

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Sandy Linter

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Sandy Linter

Cosmetic expert extraordinaire, celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter in her new how-to book The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age along with co-author beauty editor and author of USA TODAY’s Your Beauty Life blog Lois Joy Johnson emphasize staying current with fashion. Wear up-to-date colors and makeup for the eyes and skin you have today. Even the makeup you wore two years ago can be passe and emphasize your age.

Here are a few of Sandy’s and Lois’ makeup tips:

•Prep your eye lids first with eye primer every time before applying any other eye makeup, to prevent the makeup from feathering and creasing. “It’s the real secret to great eye makeup,” says Linter. Another tip: do the eyes before the rest of the face to ease cleanup of the eye shadow flakes that invariably fall onto the under-eye and cheek area.

•Wear foundation, not so-much for the often-touted “anti-aging” properties, but because in the right color and texture and applied with the right technique, it will make you look younger than if you go without.

•Stick with a light make-up look if that makes you comfortable, just don’t “miss the boat by playing it too safe” and not looking “fresh, defined and polished,” says Linter. “You can always be made to look more attractive without doing too much.”

As far as cosmetic “work” is concerned, Sandy confesses to two facelifts, eye procedures as well as Botox and collagen injections. But with or without cosmetic procedures, she says, “you still need the right makeup to finish the job. Makeup is a tool that makes a woman look polished and boosts her self-confidence.”

In her book, Linter includes the famous faces of Kim Alexis, Alva Chinn, Debbie Harry, Cheryl Tiegs, Sigourney Weaver and Veronica Webb, as well as others, along with their lines and creases.

“You’ve got lines, so what? It means nothing,” says Linter, 63. “It means you are accepting your age, not trying to look foolish.”

You can read the original article here.

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Sharon Tabb

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Sharon Tabb
Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Sharon Tabb

Sharon Tabb, owner of The Makeup Room Agency immediately ticked off my own pet peeves. I’m always startled when I see women include what she calls the most common mistakes, which are: “applying too much makeup, foundation that is too pale, outdated colors and trends, harsh black eyeliner, too thin brows” and women who “find something that works and then they continue to do it for years, and then their look becomes dated.”

I also liked her suggestions to:

• Try a volumizing mascara for maximum impact with little effort.

• Lightly highlight under the eyes and over concealer to make you look well rested.

• Pink-peach blush on the muscle of the cheeks and subtle bronzer around hairline, nose, cheeks and chin give a healthy glow. Keep it light.

• A fleshy toned, hydrating lipstick will give some fullness and a bit of color.

• Use less foundation and minimal powder, or none at all; less eye shadow or none at all; no frost or sparkle shadows.

• Put the focus on eyeliner, mascara, brows, lip color and cheek color.

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Alex Mendez-Kelley

The MakeUp Bar owner Alex Mendez-Kelley weighs in heavily for moisturizing and hydrating older skin. She suggests creamy cleansers to improve hydration rather than the foaming kind, nutritious moisturizers loaded with antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, green tea, acai and coffee berry, and hydrating makeup, lipsticks, creamy foundations, serums, layered with moisturizers to counter mature, dry skin.

Alex notes that cream blushers are youth giving. Matt makeup and powders are not only drying, but can make you look older. Highlighters bring out the best in mature skin; bronzers do not.

He points out that heavy, metallic lipstick settles into lip creases, emphasizing wrinkles whereas a hydrating lipstick and lip liner that complements your lipstick color looks more youthful.

If you are not adept with an eyeliner pencil, just blend a little eye shadow near your lash line, she instructs.

More tips on eye makeup include using two coats of mascara for the top lashes, one for the bottom, avoiding plum eye shadow which can make your eyes appear bloodshot and tired, trading frosted, pearlized shadows for light matte colors, and selectively using where, and how, you apply darker, shimmery shadow.

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Lilly Stone

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Lilly Stone

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Lilly Stone

Sooo Lilly Cosmetics owner Lilly Stone has some interesting suggestions for the eyes. She says,

• Fuller, deeper brows give the appearance of an instant face-lift. Brow pencils can look harsh; try an eye shadow that’s close to hair color to fill in thin brows. Apply with a stiff angled brush pressing into the bare spots and blend with a spoolie brush or clean mascara wand.

• To define eyes, use a waterproof pencil and apply as close to the lashes as possible. Brown is softer than black. Avoid lining the lower lid and stay away from liquid liners, which can give a harsh look to aging eyes. Instead, line the lower lashes with shadow.

• Curl lashes and apply mascara for an eye-opening effect. No shadow necessary.”

Talking about the lips, she teaches:

• Avoid dramatically dark lipsticks or super pale shades that can add years.

• Use lip liner that matches the color of lipstick. Apply lipstick first, then apply liner to define the lips.

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Joy Robison

Cosmetic’s buyer at Balliets Joy Robison, like Alex Mendez-Kelley, underlines the importance of hydration, saying:

• Proper skin care allows for better color application.

• Hydrate skin to keep foundation and powder from settling into fine lines.

• A good hydrating eye cream is essential.

All good common sense advice, and the free spirit in me really liked…

• If a makeup artist tries to tell you there is only one way to wear your makeup or to apply it, move on.

See the original article from NewsOK.

Mature Skin Makeup Secrets of Ruby Hammer


So as you can readily see, employing mature skin makeup secrets is not very difficult and Ruby Hammer clearly illustrates the wonders you can achieve with a little makeup artistry. I think every mature woman would love to have these tips and certainly view the Ruby Hammer clip. Help spread the word. Please Share, Like and Tweet this post. It should give every mature gal a boost.




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