How to Remove Your Sunspots

Treat Your Face Like a Salad Vol. 2 kinsle coverRecently, I was asked for a suggestion on how to remove sunspots (also known as liver spots, age spots). My first response was vitamin E, just break open a capsule and apply it at least once daily. In Treat Your Face Like a Salad (kindle edition, Volume 2) I’ve mentioned a few more ways. So you can take your pick. Here’s an excerpt:

Brown spots or liver spots, develop from about the age of thirty on. Larger than a freckle, flat, oval or round with distinct irregular edges, they appear one at a time, don’t fade in winter, and deepen in color. First seen on the face, they will later appear on the hands, wrists and forearms. Most experts agree that they are caused by sun (free radical) damage.


Marks can be lightened with natural bleaching agents lemon, yogurt, buttermilk, chamomile tea. Topical applications of undiluted aloe have been helpful in hyper pigmentation or liver spots. Finger pressure programs such as my Facelift Naturally also help lighten.

Damage from free radicals and cross-linking can be greatly diminished by orally taking the vitamins A-C-E , also B1, B5 and B6, bioflavonoids, the minerals zinc and selenium, and the amino acid L-cysteine. (When taking the B vitamins always include the whole B-complex.)

Lane Labs Sunspot ES

Herbal preparations in the marketplace, such as Lane Labs Sunspot ES, can peel away the spots.

Extremely effective, Sun Spot contains glycoalkaloids as its active ingredients. Derived from the sand brier, they cause the skin to exfoliate. The damaged skin sloughs off as new healthy skin grows in its place…

I have personally used it to remove a very deep “spot” that took weeks to peel away.

Here is how it is applied:

Thoroughly wash and dry the sun-damaged area. Apply a small, thick layer directly over the spot. Cover with a bandage if the product is likely to be worn off or comes in contact with clothing. Apply twice daily.

Results are seen:

Right away as a tingling sensation, But within the next five to ten days, the spot may turn red and begin to exfoliate. This entire process may take 4– 6 weeks and you will probably need more than one tube, depending on the depth of the “spot.” Continue with the product until your skin is clear and smooth.

Do not use Sun Spot if your complexion is medium to dark in color because it may lighten your skin tone wherever it is applied.


There are many natural solutions. Here a clinical herbalist shows how to make your own oil using the herb rose hips.

Rub the oil you choose into your discolorations at least once daily. Twice is even better. And remember to wear sunscreen. Even after removal or lightening, sun exposure will cause brown spots to reappear.

I hope this has been helpful if you too have liver (age, sun) spots. Please use the buttons below to Like and Share. Sunspots are one of those annoyances we all seem to be bothered with sooner or later.

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