How to Remove Your Sunspots

Recently, I was asked for a suggestion on how to remove sunspots (also known as liver spots, age spots). My first response was vitamin E, just break open a capsule and apply it at least once daily. In Treat Your Face Like a Salad (kindle edition, Volume 2) I’ve mentioned a few more ways. So […]

Rosacea, Over 30 Acne, An Intestinal Issue?

Rosacea, sometimes referred to as over 30 acne, is very different from ordinary “garden variety” acne. The skin condition generally develops over a period of years. Appearing, at first, as a temporary flush in the center of the face, the result of vasodilation (the expansion of small blood vessels), rosacea is different from a blush, however, and distinguished by its intensity and duration.

Natural Skin Care Hidden Gluten Danger

Proving not all natural ingredients are benign skin care, and emphasizing the fact that even though the gluten molecule is too large to be transported directly into our body through our skin, gluten can still be transferred from the skin into the mouth. A new study underlines the natural skin care hidden gluten danger:

Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care: Your Youthful Image

It has long been an established fact of nature that we become what we think we are, and we can grow into what we admire or would like to become.

Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care – The Caviar Double Dip

A quick, delicious party dip recipe doubles as a luscious, rejuvenating facial mask to emerge as spectacular Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care and a very creative Caviar Dip .

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Tips – What Wrinkles Can Tell on You!

It’s amazing how many lifestyle secrets facial lines and furrows can give away. Here are a few red flags, plus targeted anti-aging wrinkle tips to erase the evidence of what wrinkles can tell on you.

Anti-Aging Fish Oil Facials? MDs Perricone and Tornambe Agree

Anti-aging fish oil facials? MDs Perricone and Tornambe agree the skin benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, besides their amazing overall systemic benefits, are rejuvenating food for the face, taken internally as well as applied topically.