5-Second EyeLift Revealed by Beauty Expert Julia Busch in Woman’s World

Well, I’m a little late in posting this. But I thought my readers would appreciate knowing that I was in a recent Woman’s World feature that included information on my Natural Eye Lift kindle … “beauty expert Julia Busch, in the current Woman’s World feature Ask America’s Ultimate Experts, offers simple tips that make huge differences in your perceived age.”

When I Grow Young I Want to Be…

When I grow young, I want to be Betty White and Mathilda Klein. Who do you want to be?

Anti-Aging Indominable Spirit – Betty White My Heroine + Video

Closing in on 90 and still going strong, Betty White has always had my undying love. A total anti-aging indominable spirit – Betty White my heroine is, for me, right up there with all the great ladies in history. This game gal is proof positive that age is just a number.