Removing Your Own Cataracts Naturally!

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the world today. It numbers 3 million yearly in the U.S. alone.
Of these, serious complications, such as, retinal detachment, corneal edema, or the need for a cornea transplant will claim around 27,000 individuals. And while cataract surgery is generally recognized as being very safe, there is a significant complication rate. Within two years, 30% to 50% of the individuals having cataract extraction develop opacification (cloudiness) of the posterior lens capsule that will require laser treatment.

Removing Your Own Cancer!

Up until the 1950s, the use of herbal cancer salves for tumor destruction and removal had a 75 to 80 percent success rate when radiation and chemotherapy drove the treatment underground. But individuals, today, are still actually extracting malignant tumors from their own bodies and from those of their pets.

Release Pain/Keep Memories Alive

Time heals if we allow it; painful memories fade. And as life unfolds new experiences, even the most exquisite moments impact less sharply. Yet around the New Year, old doors press to be opened…

DEATH by GUM (Disease) – Part 2

While over 95% of Americans have gum disease, there is a simple Solution! Remove “the sticky white substance that forms on teeth, between them, and in the area between the teeth and gums,” called plaque. The Blotting Method will keep it from building up and you’ve solved over 98% of the cases of gum disease.

DEATH by GUM (Disease) – Part 1

Over 95% of Americans have gum disease, and it can be a killer! Seldom thought lethal, mounting medical literature directly associates oral disease with extensive systemic problems, including chronic illnesses, such as: leukemia, arthritis, heart, kidney, liver, and lung diseases. “Cancer begins in the mouth,” says Dr. Cass Ingram, nutritionist. Healthy gums and teeth are systemic guardians.

Anthony Morrocco’s Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart for 2013 Updated

The dates you trim your tresses can make the difference between luxurious, healthy hair to down right aborting hair growth, confesses hair care guru Anthony Morrocco. Each year, Anthony graciously gifts us his oh-so-effective Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart. And here it is for great hair days in 2013. The days on which you cut your hair can rejuvenate, strengthen, beautify, and so much more.

Anti-Aging Face Lift – Derma Wand Plus Treat Your Face Like a Salad !

Breathe the full glow of summer roses into dull, dry skin with a good systemic cleansing, natural skin care, fruit & veggie juices, as described in Treat Your Face Like a Salad Volume #1, and a High frequency appliance like the Derma Wand! Video by Dr. Oz.

Rosacea, Over 30 Acne, An Intestinal Issue?

Rosacea, sometimes referred to as over 30 acne, is very different from ordinary “garden variety” acne. The skin condition generally develops over a period of years. Appearing, at first, as a temporary flush in the center of the face, the result of vasodilation (the expansion of small blood vessels), rosacea is different from a blush, however, and distinguished by its intensity and duration.

The Dental Face Lift – A New Bite with TMJ

Snap, click-pop! A new breakfast cereal? Or the sound most of us hear, from time to time, when we greet the day with a big yawn, or open wide for the first bite of breakfast? If your jaw is talking back to your breakfast, chances are, you’ve got TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome. Simply put, your jaw and its supporting muscles and ligaments are out of sync.

When I Grow Young I Want to Be…

When I grow young, I want to be Betty White and Mathilda Klein. Who do you want to be?