Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2018

The Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart – The Secret to Fuller, Stronger, More Beautiful Hair! Can just cutting your hair do all that? You bet it can! I began publishing Anthony Morrocco’s amazing “road map” to healthy hair well over ten years ago and before January of every year, people who had followed his chart […]

Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2017

What is the Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart? The Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart uses the moon’s natural cycle as it applies to hair care. But we aren’t dealing with the usual lunar cycles in the astrological calendar which is based on a 12 moon cycle. Instead, Anthony Morrocco has drawn his amazing hair cutting chart from the […]

Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2016

For fuller, longer, stronger, beautiful hair, blunt cut your hair on the dates listed. This post also includes the Best Days to Pluck, shave and Wax, days that will slow down hair growth.

Best Days to Pluck, Shave and Wax in 2015

When Retarding Hair Growth is a Plus Eyebrows, Underarm, Leg and Pubic Hair Growing Wild? Then you need to know this secret. Just as there are optimal days to cut hair to increase growth, there are days to slow it down, optimal days to pluck, shave and wax. Anthony Morrocco lets the cat out of […]

Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2015

The days you select to cut your hair can make an enormous difference in fullness, length, strength, and beauty. Blunt cut your hair on the dates listed and you will become a believer. Cutting on other days can abort or slow hair growth down considerably.

Help My Hair is Thinning! Part Two

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and Female-Pattern Hair Loss (androgenic alopecia), results from basically a hormonal imbalance that can begin at age twenty on. Much can be done to stop and reverse androgenic alopecia, depending on the severity and when you begin treatment. Options include: diet, oral drugs and supplements, topical applications: from essential oils and herbs, to FDA approved drugs, to laser treatment (including at-home treatments), platelet rich plasma treatment (PTR), and hair transplants,

Help My Hair is Thinning! Part One

Thinning hair can result from stress, illness, a low thyroid, routinely prescribed drugs, lack of, or overdosing on, nutritional supplements, androgenic steroids, over-processing with perms, bleach, toxic colorants, hair straighteners, and hair dryers. For women, hormonal swings after pregnancy or menopause, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be responsible.

Actinic Keratosis –How Can I Resolve it?

Actinic Ketatosis – What is it? Actinic Keratoses (AK) are small, scaly or crusty skin growths. Possible precancerous lesions that may also resemble warts, actinic keratoses are caused by sun damage (UV rays). They may be pink, red, light or dark tan, a combination of colors or may be the color as your skin. Also […]

5-Second EyeLift Revealed by Beauty Expert Julia Busch in Woman’s World

Well, I’m a little late in posting this. But I thought my readers would appreciate knowing that I was in a recent Woman’s World feature that included information on my Natural Eye Lift kindle … “beauty expert Julia Busch, in the current Woman’s World feature Ask America’s Ultimate Experts, offers simple tips that make huge differences in your perceived age.”

How to Remove Your Sunspots

Recently, I was asked for a suggestion on how to remove sunspots (also known as liver spots, age spots). My first response was vitamin E, just break open a capsule and apply it at least once daily. In Treat Your Face Like a Salad (kindle edition, Volume 2) I’ve mentioned a few more ways. So […]