Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care: Your Youthful Image

Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care: Your Image of Youth

Discussing anti-aging natural skin care.

Anti-Aging natural skin care is much more than skin deep. It deals with the underlying muscles of your face, the muscles of your body, your posture and goes even deeper than that. It deals with your personal image of yourself. So, in line with anti-aging natural skin care: your youthful image, here’s a little story from my book, Positively Young which I am now delighted to say is in the  kindle ebook Look Younger Naturally as well.

Relaxing at an outdoor café in sunny Miami, my
father’s sister, on one of her rare vacations from
New Jersey, and I were chatting. As it often
happens, among women, the conversation came
around to aging.

My aunt recalled a relative in her thirties whose
makeup lodged in the wrinkles around her eyes.
She suggested it was something I should note for
the future (I was well over thirty at the time), explaining
that she, herself, didn’t wear foundation for that reason.

She then went on to describe a distant, beloved memory,
a romantic image of her grand- or great-grandmother…
a tall stout woman with a shock of white hair, high
energy, a sense of humor and an easy manner.
One who was always ready to go and to do, a woman
she greatly admired and felt aged graciously.

I smiled, nodded  in appreciation and said,
”You know, we all grow into our own personal image
of old.”

There was a moment of startled silence, and the
conversation changed when my aunt realized that she
had been describing herself exactly.

Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care: Your Youthful Image

On a visit some months later, I noticed that she
had reclaimed her wavy brown hair and was ever
so slightly made up.

Have you an image of old?

If you are a woman, mentally project yourself ten years
from now…twenty years…thirty…forty…fifty…Can you
see yourself in a rocker, a shawl over your shoulders,
reading stories to your grandchildren seated at your feet?

If you’re a man, do you picture yourself as a portly old
gent, playing cards with the men in the clubroom?

Have you a personal image of old? If you do, take care,
or you will most certainly grow the image.

You are what you think you are. It has long been an
established fact of nature that we become what we
think we are, and we can grow into what we admire or
would like to become. Dale Carnegie has made millions
“Winning Friends and Influencing People” proving
this very fact time and time again.

Anyone who has been on a serious weight reducing
diet knows that dieters are told to visualize themselves
as slim as they would like to be, wearing the fashions
they want to wear in the clothing size they are targeting.

The French writer, Albert Camus stated that we are
responsible for our own face by the age of forty.
A dear friend, the late photo-journalist Ernst Hass,
in conversation, brought it down a decade, and I
think it’s younger still.

Do you have a youthful image?

In the next few posts, I’ll be helping you to tune into your “image of youth.” So when I ask you about anti-aging natural skin care: your youthful image will be clearly defined. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and tweet this post.




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