Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care – The Caviar Double Dip

Planning a party and love what sea minerals do for your skin? Okay, we are going creative here and combining anti-aging natural skin care with a great party recipe. So, are you ready to try the Caviar and Sour Cream Double Dip–a delicious pink, party dip that doubles as a luscious facial. It’s so easy to do and the results are yummy!

Simply mix 4 ounces of red caviar with 24 ounces of sour cream. That’s it! Your dip can now double as a luscious facial mask. The only problem is that you will have to restrain yourself from licking off your facial. 

Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care - The Caviar Double Dip

Serve with a platter of crudités

If you’re watching fat calories, you can substitute the sour cream for low fat yogurt. But, I promise, it won’t taste nearly as good or offer the same benefits to your skin. Oh, geez, sour cream it is. Guess we’ll just have to grin and bear it this time…and make up the calories by serving it with crudités.

While you’re absorbing your facial, you can create a festive party touch for your caviar dip. Carve a “bowl” for your dip by cutting a circular slab from the top of a round loaf of pumpernickel about an inch or so from the outside to leave a rim for your bowl.

Carefully remove the cut slab. Hollow out the inside of the bowl  by tearing out bite-size chunks of bread. Then rip the removed slab into bite-size chunks as well.

Place the bowl on a large circular platter atop a lovely, lacy doily, and pour in your dip (Remember to set some aside for another facial. The refrigerated mix will last about a week.

Arrange the bite-size chunks, ready for dipping, on the doily, around the bowl. Place a plate of crudités nearby.

Hint: For the facial mask, simply apply the dip to a clean, make-up free face. Begin at the base of your throat, stroking upward and outward all the way to your hairline. Leave in place for twenty minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry.

Combining anti-aging natural skin care with a party platter, gives new meaning to “wearing what you eat.”

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  1. Leslie Kerben says:

    I love this site!! Great multitasking on the double dip caviar.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Thanks, Leslie. Talking about multitasking as well as flexible food, you should see me mashing up avocados. The interior of the avocado skin is rough and a great exfoliant, while the oils in the avocado fruit itself are nourishing to your skin.

  2. Valorie McNabb Pope says:

    Love this idea for the party dip AND the facial! I think I’ll use this at my next ladies’ gathering, make a double (or triple) recipe, and invite the guests to apply a facial, and then enjoy the dip with pumpernickel & crudités.during the 20-minute beauty treatment! I think we’ll have to also have a mani-pedi area ready on the side. I’ll be surfing through your site for some yummy options for that one too! Great post, Julia!

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