Anti-Aging Face Lift – Derma Wand Plus Treat Your Face Like a Salad !

Breathe the full glow of summer roses into dull, dry skin with a good systemic cleansing. Cut back on caffeine, a diuretic that dries and depletes vital skin nutrients. Do eight to ten, full eight ounce glasses, of pure water daily. Log in a little extra nap time to balance in seasonal changes. Suck down those vital veggie juices. You’ll find the perfect juices for skin in my Treat Your Face Like a Salad Volume #1.


Treat Your Face Like a Salad Volume #1

And become familiar with an at home, high frequency appliance called

the Derma Wand


Truly magic, the Dermal Wand (click for photo)  is a hand-held, plug-in scaled down version of a professional corrective tool. The device cycles at 10,000 cycles per second to literally flood enhanced oxygen ions onto your skin while gently stimulating lymphatic drainage and encouraging circulation with low voltage electrical “prickles.”

It tones, tightens, and naturally exfoliates without thinning the skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles diminish. Hooded eyes lift. Puffy eyes and under eye bags reduce; dark circles lighten. After only two or three, 2 – 5 minute, daily treatments, stressed, slack and sagging skin begins to take on a fresh, glowing clarity. Lines and wrinkles seem to vanish over a course of 4 to 6 weeks.

What’s more, the Derma Wand addresses problematic skin, such as acne superbly. I’ve seen this baby clear pimples overnight without oral or topical medications, even prevent under-the-skin “bumps” from blossoming. And its fine spray of enriched oxygen (the same cleansing agent Mother Nature uses during rainstorms), destroys all surrounding bacteria to stop the acne from spreading. As the bulb touches your skin, it gives off the same clean smell.

In about two weeks, blemished skin and enlarged pores are more refined

sebaceous secretions more balanced to improve the oil to water ratio that keeps skin supple. Fatty cellulite deposits also diminish due to lymphatic drainage.

Safe for even sensitive skin, the Derma Wand, effectively increases the performance level of your best skin care products, allowing them to be more deeply absorbed. However, do not use directly after applying an exfoliating product, like 10% ascorbic acid  Serum-C, the combined affect will be too stimulating.

Speaking of stimulating, the wand can also be used to stimulate scalp hair follicles, promoting hair health and growth.

Also notable is the Derma Wand’s ability to firm and tone loosened skin systemically, including neck, thighs, upper arms, or wherever skin appears slack. However, do not use on acne rosacea or skin with an overabundance of broken capillaries; the wand is simply too stimulating.

Well worth adding to any anti-aging skin care arsenal!

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  1. I have been using the Derma Wand for about 5 months. I am 42, and I got it to help tighten my skin. I use it morning and night. It has noticeably softened acne pitting on my cheeks.
    It has helped small blemishes heal also.
    The best part of the Derma Wand is that I noticed hair along my temples and crown growing in!
    I had been upset for a while because I noticed hair getting sparse, then without even trying-the DW helped it grow in.

    • this may be a foolish question – do you use the wand on your your crown top of your head etc or is the growth a byproduct of using this on your face?

  2. Hi Julia

    When I tried the Derma Wand, the electrical current, even on the low setting, sent rivulets of nerve impulse through my face. Very uncomfortable. How did you deal with this or is there a way around this weird sensation? I really want the amazing effects that are described!

    Thank you!

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Tayler,

      I have never experienced discomfort with the Derma Wand. I like the sensation and never have heard of anyone being uncomfortable with it. You might want to have someone else try your wand to see if they are also uncomfortable with the sensation. You may be ultra sensitive or, possibly, need another wand.

  3. Julia,

    Are you sure that the Derma Wand is okay for hair growth? I am concerned because some lasers promote hair growth and some stop it. Do you know the difference in the lasers? I have been trying to figure this out for years with the Derma Wand. Thank you for your help.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Amy,

      While no one has out and out defined how a laser stimulates hair growth except for “Scientists say that low-level lasers are safe and likely do act on cellular compounds that can spur hair growth,” lasers that abort hair growth very specifically target the dark, absorptive melanin, heating it and destroying the follicle.

      The primary principle behind laser hair removal is what is called selective photothermolysis (SPTL). Specific light wave lengths and pulse duration that create optimal effects on the folicle with minimal effect on the surrounding tissue, selectively heating the melanin in the follicle without heating the rest of the skin.

      Regarding the Derma Wand, I can personally tell you that I have suffered no hair loss using it. The Derma Wand releases oxygen into the skin and scalp and feels tingly, as it you had a scalp massage. If there were issues, you can be certain the powers that be would have stepped in long before now. I hope this helps.

  4. Wilma Vergara says:

    Do you need to wash the face after using derma wand?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Wilma,

      You don’t have to wash your face after using the Derma Wand. Many users, place their favorite skin care products on their skin, using the Derma Wand to increase their effectiveness. However, avoid SERUM C PRODUCTS which offer too much activity with the Derma Wand. Moisturizers are ideal. The wand will help penetration.


  5. do baby wipes (there is one called isabella from whole foods) harm the skin or really dry it? My mom has been using it on her skin and both feet so we are investigating that as a possible cause. I can get the package ingredients if you need to(fromt he trash I just threw them away).
    What about reusing baby wipes/hand wipes for several times and or days i a row. Is that harmful or can spread germs? Again we are both concerned and want to be safe than sorry. Its weird noone tells you these things in life they expect you to know or find out.
    THanks so much and all your hair articles.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hello Damien,

      To answer the first part of your question. If a particular product is drying your mother’s skin, it may be due to the ingredients themselves or a possible allergy to something in the ingredient list.

      Baby wipes are for one use only.

      If you are interested in a simple do-it-yourself project, you can cut down on cost and chemicals with a how-to on I hope this helps.


  6. Does the derma wand resolve or help alot the male pattern baldness?(How?) Is it to be used forever(Like propecia, rogain etcc?) Can castor oil and emu oil regrow hair also?
    Thank you
    Happy New Year

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi John,

      Both castor oil and emu oil can help regrow hair. How much it can regrow depends on how far gone the hair follicles are. If completely dead, there is nothing that will resuscitate them. The Derma Wand, helps to stimulate blood flow and add oxygen into the scalp and follicles and can help. Perhaps an even better choice would be the at home laser. You’ll find it here on this post. There are diet as well as supplement suggestions there as well.

      I hope this helps.

  7. I love my dermawand. I have been using it for a month and my skin is firmer and more even toned. It is amazing. I have alopecia and was wondering if I could use my dermawand to help unclog the pores and stimulate hair growth and I found this website. Did you use a cream on your scalp when you used the dermawand on it? What setting did you use?
    Thanks so much for your post. It has given me hope I can help my alopecia.

  8. Vandana says:

    Pl tell the procedure foe using dermawand on scalp.I mean the time for which it should be used regularly.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Vandana,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “the time for which it should be used regularly.” If you are referring to the time of day or the length of time for use, or time in which you should see results. You can use it any time of day and use it as long as it feels comfortable on your scalp. Length of time to see results will vary. Growing or regrowing hair depends on diet and lifestyle as well as stimulation of the scalp.

      I hope this helps.


  9. Does the Dermawand cause hair growth on your face? I already have a problem with that!

  10. Can dermawand cause capillaries to break on your face. I have noticed an increase since I started using this wand and I only do it once a day maybe three times a week. I use the gel that came with it to help with sliding the wand around jaw etc. The broken veins are noticeable on my jaw line…

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      I have never heard of this happening. That being said, depending on one’s skin, I would guess that anything is possible. Check with the company for feedback.

  11. Can a lite coat of KY jelly be used on the face to lubricate the Derma Wand sessions?

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