Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – Breast Enlarging Massage (2)

Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – Breast Enlarging Massage

Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – Breast Enlarging Massage







The piece de resistance in Part 2 of  Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips –  Breast Enlarging Massage is Valerie Ann Worwood’s “Charleston Rub,” a massage complete with breast enhancing essential oils. Several of the oils contain phytohormones (plant hormones similar to human hormones), that stimulate estrogen to firm, tone, and, very possibly, enlarge your breasts.

“Don’t think you’ll become another Dolly Parton, but your natural form can be increased and rounded,” cajoles Valerie in her book  Aromantics: Enhancing Romance, Love, and Sex with Nature’s Essential Oils. She also cautions not to use these powerful oils if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant or breast feeding.     

The oils are: fennel, clary sage, angelica, geranium, cypress, lemongrass, hops and parsley.

Two suggested hormonal blends are: 10 drops each of fennel +  clary sage + geranium or 10 drops each: angelica + clary sage + hop. Or use 30 drops of a single oil (or ad lib your own blend from the list). Mix oils into one ounce of vegetable (avocado, olive) or nut (almond) oil.

Massage only the flesh of the breasts, avoiding the nipple or areola.

Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – Breast Enlarging Massage

With a little oil on each hand begin center chest to rub in circular movements, upward and outward toward the underarms and back under and around, just like the hand movements in the Charleston dance.

When I tried it, I felt like a cross between a 1920s flapper and Julie Andrews in a rerun of My Fair Lady. It felt so good, I could have danced all night. And darned if I didn’t see a difference. I wasn’t sure if it was the oils or the movements which are  themselves a great exercise.

Valerie says lemongrass alone will lift and tone. Geranium,  clary sage and angelica are very  rich in phytohormones.

Dr. Jean Valnet, in his book The Practice of Aromatherapy, recommends anise, fennel, caraway and lemongrass to increase breast size. If you use these oils, says Valerie, 7 drops of each are mixed in 1 ounce of vegetable oil.

Essential oils are wonder workers, but like all else they don’t accomplish miracles by themselves. So stand tall, eat well, exercise those pecs, do a monthly self-breast exam, support with a comfortable bra and  it’s beautiful breasts forever!

Reprinted from my So Young Newsletter article “Beautiful Breasts Forever Plus Special Breast Enlarging Oils.” I really would appreciate your feedback on both the workout and the anti-aging breast lift tips in Part 1. And if you feel so inclined, please include a note on the luscious breast enhancing aromatherapy blends and the “Charleston” breast massage in Part 2.

A quick reminder to seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before undertaking any new, exercise, massage or essential oil rubs. Estrogenic oils are contraindicated in estrogen-mediated breast cancer.

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  1. joan kaufman says:

    Hi, Can I buy some of Valerie Ann Worwood —Charlton Rub Oil?
    I have been on the internet trying to find. I have a good Visa Debit Card. Thanks, I have not found a place to put in my cr cd.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Joan,

      You will have to buy the essential oils individually and mix them according to the recipe. You can get everything you need here.


  2. Hello Julia,

    I’m really looking forward to trying this out. I have a small question: while performing the Charleston rub and looking down at my chest, am I rubbing clockwise with my right hand and counter-clockwise with the left? Basically rubbing inwards?

    Thank you so much for your time.


    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Pam,

      Whether you are talking mirror reflection or stage direction, right and left and hands are circling in opposite directions. Begin, as directed, hands of both fingers at the cleavage, circle out and around and under and up through the middle. You can always hum the music of the “Charleston” at the same time to get you into the mood. Just kidding. This really does work and is also great for lymphatic drainage, great for when you’ve been locked onto a bra all day too. It’s a great routine for firm and healthy breasts.

      Have fun and good luck.

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