Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – An Easy Workout (Part 1)

Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips - An Easy Workout

Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips - An Easy Workout






Anti-aging breast lift tips – an easy workout is pretty straightforward.  It doesn’t take all that much effort to stay full and perky. And, if needed, for that little added extra, part 2 of anti-aging breast lift tips includes a little help with special breast enlarging oils that take you, pardon the expression, over the top. The original article can be found in the So Young Newsletter article “Beautiful Breasts Forever Plus Special Breast Enlarging Oils.”

Keeping in shape — jogging, skipping rope, aerobics — can be great for your cardiovascular system but downright hard on your breasts. Depending on their size, simply walking can cause stress.

Made up of glands and fatty tissue, breasts lack muscular support and are destined to succumb to gravity. But with a good bra, great posture, self-breast exams, good diet, exercise for your pecs and Valerie’s Charleston Rub, you can sail into your seventies and onward with breasts to be envied.

To minimize the pull of gravity when seated or standing, imagine you are suspended by a sky hook from your head; or practice walking with a book on your head. This aligns your body from your ear to your shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints to flatter your bust line. A hunched over, round shouldered stance with a tilted pelvis gives gravity the advantage.

Overweight? You are stressing your breasts. Well-endowed women can use a good, comfortable sports bra for extra support;  lighter support can be worn while sleeping.

Bathing in hot water? Stop! It breaks down fatty tissue. Cool to cold splashes at the side of the breasts tend to firm.

Strengthen upper arms, back and pectoral muscles which underly the breast to lift and prevent sagging. You can easily firm up at home with 3 to 5 pound dumbbells and an exercise bench. Although in lieu of a bench,  the edge and corner of  your bed will do.

Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – An Easy Workout

Here’s how:

  • Lie on your back, arms straight out to the sides, perpendicular to your body, positioned slightly below the level of the bench (or the corner of the bed). Bring arms over your chest slowly. Slowly lower. Repeat 15 times.
  • On your back, place your hands close to your armpits, elbows at your sides. Slowly lift your arms straight up toward ceiling. Slowly lower. Repeat 15 times.
  • On your stomach, position your right armpit at the edge of bench (or bed), right arm loosely hanging, thumb pointed toward floor. Slowly lift your arm out to the side. Lower. Do 10 times. Repeat with other arm.
  • On your stomach, position the crook of your right elbow at the edge of the bench (or bed), the lower part of your arm hangs loosely, thumb pointed down to the floor. Slowly lift your arm out to the side. (This may be a little difficult at first.) Slowly lower. Do ten times. Alternate arms.

To release stress, roll your shoulders up and forward, then upward and backward. Repeat. Now, hunch your shoulders up to your ears, arms at your sides. Hold and release. Repeat.

Pretty straightforward, right? And it’s quick and very relaxing. In fact, while you’re lying down, how about taking a quick, rejuvenating beauty nap?  Let me know how it goes and definitely let me know your results. It doesn’t take long to feel and see a lift.

Have a friend that needs a “lift?”  Remember to like and share Anti-Aging Breast Lift Tips – An Easy Workout. Now get ready for the piece de resistance, Valerie Ann Worwood’s Charleston Rub, a massage with essential oils, coming up in Part 2. And a quick reminder to check with your healthcare practitioner before undertaking any new exercise. Copyright 2011 Anti-Aging Press, Inc.



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