Anti-Aging Attitude Grow Younger Games – Part 2

Anti-Aging Attitude - Grow Younger Games - Part 2

Anti-Aging Attitude - Grow Younger Games

In anti-aging attitude grow younger games – part 1 you considered how you would like to appear to yourself and others. You decided what youthful qualities you admire and would like to project. Now in the second part of the anti-aging attitude grow younger games, you will continue to reach into your past to recapture your youthful feelings, along with images of your youth.

Anti-Aging Attitude Grow Younger Games


Becoming the Youthful YOU!

Game 2. Free to be Me…

As you rummage through your mental scrap books,
photo albums and emotional collections, searching for
“triggers” that make you feel young and expansive,
you will find certain feelings, images, and anti-aging attitudes
growing stronger and stronger.

You’ll find that the mental notes you took from here
and there are beginning to combine into your
personal composite of youth.

Begin now to deliberately extract those qualities,
anti-aging attitudes, and feelings that you want to reestablish,
maintain, or grow into.

You’ll find yourself continually adjusting, readjusting,
and fine-tuning as your youthful composite grows.

Game 3. I Can See Me!

As your anti-aging attitude and composite begins to take shape, the following
is fun. This is a game in which we take turns.

Are you ready? I’ll start.

I see my face at twenty-seven and the man who
adored it. Still imbued with the flush of twenty,
but mature enough to be taken seriously…
looking back, there is nothing I would change.

At twenty-four, I can remember passing in front of
a mirror and catching a glimpse of my naked body
in the half-light. That vision is frozen in my memory.
I don’t think I’ll ever do better than that or care to try.
All the yoga stretches are worth the maintenance.

Ah the passions of eighteen and the boy who ignited them….
Well, I have to keep some things to myself.

About the “I don’t give a damn” of eighty, to be perfectly
honest, I think I was born with that. And, since I plan
to die at thirty-four, I guess I’ll never really know.

Soaring out into the heavens on a quiet, sweet smelling,
new “mown” morning, I see myself dewy-eyed, fresh,
expansive and feel myself in the moment I exhaled
and was simply the wonder of three.

And at four, four and a half to be exact, I marched into
Kindergarten and announced a direct, honest and
self-assured, “I’m Julia. What’s your name?”

Do you get the idea?

Now you play and I’ll listen. The game will help you to
solidify your conscious projection of youth.

Remember, you are creating yourself in your own image.

Game 4. Young to the Core

As you create your composite of
an important key to keep in mind is to extract the youthful
entity from the circumstances of a particular era.
There is no going back to what was.

If you wore bobby sox and a DA (duck’s you-know-what,
a type of teenage guy’s haircut), or a pony tail and a
poodle skirt, chances are you won’t be doing it again
except at a fifties nostalgia event.

Times change, styles change and the attitude of each
generation changes. Don’t get caught in the mannerisms
and trappings of your personal heyday.

Beware of dwelling in the dream of what was. Instead,
extract the feelings from the times when you were
young and project them into the present.

Right now…
Feel the flush of youth flowing into your cheeks.
See the sparkle brighten in your eyes.

Feel your flesh begin to grow more supple, your muscles
strengthen, your body straighten, your tummy flatten,
your breasts (ladies) firm and ripen, your loins
(gentlemen) vital.

Experience the first pangs of sexual awakening,
the first thoughts of romance and physical yearnings.

Feel your young blood coursing through uncluttered
arteries…fresh, clear, clean and strong…anxious for
adventure and new experiences.

From this perspective, sort through your memories, once
again. Relive the feelings. As you do, note your physical
and emotional responses. Separate the responses from
the memories, the feelings from the experiences.
The experiences were then, but the feelings are now.

Remember the feelings and the physical and emotional
responses to those feelings. Relive them each day until
they become a habit of youth.

Lie in bed in the morning, feeling yourself grow younger.
Before you retire at night, know the rest will bring
rejuvenation. You will actually see yourself growing younger.

Even more, your new youthful spirit and vitality will enable
you to create new experiences, future memories that are
just as fresh and young as the ones you are remembering,
and perhaps, even more valuable –
particularly with what you know now!

With these thoughts in mind, return to Game 1.
Games 2 and 3 will automatically follow as you further
abstract, redefine, fine tune, and project your
conscious image of youth.

Play these games each day until your composite is secure,
your spirit and feelings of youth second nature.
Then refer to the games at least weekly.

Composites continually change ever so slightly.
You’ll want to make adjustments.
You’ll want to immerse and refresh yourself,
bathing in the energizing waters.

I hope you are enjoying these “growing more youthful” games. More anti-aging attitude grow younger games can be found in my book Positively Young and in the Kindle version Look Younger Naturally. Please leave a comment and Tweet, Share and Like this post. Remember to tell your friends.


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