Anthony Morrocco’s Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart – Part 2

Hair care expert Anthony Morrocco reveals the second six months of his vital Lunar Hair Cutting Chart for 2012. He offers the exact dates that hair should be blunt cut or the head shaved to enhance growth, thickness and the overall beauty of your tresses.  Dates listed are specific. Benefits can equal 6-16 acupuncture treatments.

Cutting on the “Lengthen” dates can speed up hair growth by two to three times your usual rate.

Hair can be shaved or blunt cut

Hair can be shaved or blunt cut.

Snipping on “Thicken” days starts new growth cycles in your hair bulbs and follicles.

Anthony’s famous blunt cut on “Strengthen” days will jolt roots, follicles, and bulbs to increase hair growth patterns. Hair becomes stronger and more resilient to curtail premature fallout.

“Root Work” dates improve all areas of hair growth by energizing the growth cycle.

“Beautifying” days enhance texture and sheen as well as refine waviness.

Anthony Morrocco Hair Cutting Chart for Beautiful Hair

"Lengthen" dates can speed up hair growth

In Anthony’s chart below, regular text depicts an equivalent of 6 -10 acupuncture treatments. Note that Anthony has recalculated the acupuncture benefits from his earlier chart.

Days that are especially beneficial for certain aspects are in red text. Red text alone is equivalent of 8 – 12 acupuncture treatments. Red text plus a Full Moon (FM) equal 10 – 15 acupuncture treatments. Solstice or Equinox equals 12 -16 acupuncture treatments.

July: Lengthen 26-27, Thicken 17-18, Strengthen, 30-31, Root Work 3-4-7-8 (FM), Beautify 12-13

August: Lengthen 7-8-9, Thicken 22-23, Strengthen 30-31 (FM), Root Work 13-14-15, Beautify 1-2-3-4-5 (FM)

September: Lengthen 10-11, Thicken 23-24 (Fall Equinox), Strengthen 27-28-29 (FM), Root Work 18-19-20, Beautify 4-5-6

October: Lengthen 7-8, Thicken 24-25-26, Strengthen 16-17, Root Work 29-30-31 (FM), Beautify 2-3

November: Lengthen 12-13-14, Thicken 25-26-27 (FM), Strengthen 20-21-22, Root Work 17-18, Beautify 3-4-5

December: Lengthen 10-11, Thicken 23-24, Strengthen 1-2, Root Work 19-20-21-22 (Winter Solstice), Beautify 27-28-29 (FM)


Please Note: Hair cutting dates are based on Pacific Standard Time, Northern Hemisphere and change yearly. If you live outside this time zone, recalculate the dates for your time zone and hemisphere.

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