Anthony Morrocco’s Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart for 2013 Updated

Beautiful HairThe dates you trim your tresses can make the difference

between luxurious, healthy hair to down right aborting hair growth, confesses hair care guru Anthony Morrocco. Each year, Anthony  graciously gifts us his oh-so-effective Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart. And here it is for great hair days in 2013. The days on which you cut your hair can rejuvenate, strengthen, beautify, and so much more.

Combining a unique combination of hair astrology

Anthony indicates the exact dates on which to blunt cut (see video here) your tresses or shave your head which will shock your hair into receiving the following benefits:

Longer tresses: Hair cut, or trimmed, on “lengthen” days stimulate two to three times faster than usual growth to lengthen your hair.

A thicker mane: Snip on “thicken” days to start new growth cycles in your hair bulbs and follicles.

Stronger strands : Blunt cut or shave on “strengthen” days shocks your roots, follicles, and bulbs to increase and strengthen your hair growth patterns. Hair becomes stronger and more resilient to avoid premature fallout.

Healthier roots: Root work dates energize your hair’s complete growth cycle to improve all aspects of your hair’s growth.

Beautiful hair: Beautifying days enhance the texture and sheen of your hair as well as refine your hair’s waviness.

The dates are very specific and can equal between 6-16 acupuncture treatments. In the chart below, regular text indicates an equivalent of 6 -10 acupuncture treatments. Days that are especially beneficial for certain aspects are in red text.

Red text alone is equivalent of 8 – 12 acupuncture treatments. Red text plus a Full Moon (FM) equal 10 – 15 acupuncture treatments. Solstice or Equinox equals 12 -16 acupuncture treatments.

Anthony Morrocco’s Anti-Aging Lunar Hair Cutting Chart for 2013

Cut Hair on FloorJanuary:
Lengthen 6-7, Thicken 14-15, Strengthen, 19-20, Root Work 24-25 (FM), Beautify 29-30

February: Lengthen 11-12, Thicken 7-8, Strengthen 2-3-4, Root Work 15-16-17, Beautify 21-22 (FM)

March: Lengthen 2-3 Thicken 28-29-30 (FM), Strengthen 6-7, Root Work 20-21 (Spring Equinox), Beautify 14-15

April: Lengthen 6-7-8, Thicken 11-12, Strengthen 25-26 (FM), Root Work 16-17, Beautify 2-3

May: Lengthen 23-24 (FM), Thicken  8-9-10, Strengthen 4-5, Root Work 13-14-15,  Beautify 27-28

June: Lengthen 1-2, Thicken 19-20-21 (Summer Solstice),  Strengthen 10-11, Root Work 23-24-25 (FM),  Beautify 4-5-6

July: Lengthen 7-8, Thicken 21-22-23 (FM), Strengthen 15-16-17, Root Work 2-3, Beautify 28-29

August: Lengthen 3-4-5, Thicken 13-14, Strengthen 19-20-21 (FM), Root Work 30-31, Beautify 26-27

September: Lengthen 22-23 (Fall Equinox), Thicken 27-28, Strengthen 9 -10, Root Work 17-18-19 (FM), Beautify 14

October: Lengthen 19-20-21 (FM), Thicken 15-16, Strengthen 5-6-7, Root Work 10-11-12, Beautify 24-25-26

November: Lengthen 30, Thicken 11-12, Strengthen 20-21-22, Root Work 7-8, Beautify 15-16-17 (FM)

December: Lengthen 4-5-6, Thicken 17-18-19 (FM & Winter Solstice), Strengthen 13-14, Root Work 27-28, Beautify 9-10

Most Beneficial Haircutting Days are:

March 20-21 — Spring Equinox
June 19-20-21  —
Summer Solstice
September 22-23
— Fall Equinox
December 17-18-19 — Winter Solstice

Please Note: Dates are given for the first six months of this year. They are based on Pacific Standard Time, Northern Hemisphere. If you live outside of this time zone, recalculate the dates for your time zone and hemisphere. Days listed are 24 hours, so mid-date is the most beneficial.

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