Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2017

Morrocco Hair Cutting Chart 2017

What is the Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart?

The Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart uses the moon’s natural cycle as it applies to hair care. But we aren’t dealing with the usual lunar cycles in the astrological calendar which is based on a 12 moon cycle. Instead, Anthony Morrocco has drawn his amazing hair cutting chart from the Mayan Lunar Calendar which is based on 13 moon phases which is optimal for haircutting.

Those of us who have been using the Morrocco Lunar Hair Chart for months, even years, and have proved it’s unshakable worth, wait with bated breath at year’s end for Anthony’s Latest calendar.

Used in conjunction with the Blunt Snip Technique to give the ultimate haircut for any hair type, the Lunar Hair Chart highlights the days of each month that promote five hair goals: Strengthening, Thickening, Lengthening, Beautifying, and Root Work. When you cut on a specific date, you will promote that specific hair goal.

The most powerful dates to cut hair are on the Lunar Hair Chart’s Full Moons, Solstices, and Equinoxes. Some dates have two or three possible dates — while all three are good, pick whichever one is closest to the Lunar Hair Chart’s Full Moon for optimum results.

  • Cutting on a Root Work day shocks the entire growth cycle and reinvigorates hair at the follicle and scalp level. Much like the enriched soil of a plant, a healthy scalp provides a good foundation for naturally healthy hair.
  • To enhance and refine the waviness of your hair, the Beautify goal is the best way to add texture and shine to already healthy hair.
  • Strengthen is a popular goal for those wanting to avoid premature hair fall out. Cutting your hair on these dates reinforces roots, follicles, and bulbs of your hair, producing stronger, more resilient hair.
  • If you want fuller hair, Thicken dates promote new growth cycles in the bulbs and hair follicles, increasing your total follicle count.
  • To Lengthen, cut or trim on these dates to shock and excite your hair’s natural growth patterns. This causes your hair to grow much faster over the following days.

Whatever your goal, rotating with Root Work insures that you have a solid foundation. 

Lunar Goal Combinations

To accomplish the following goals, it is best to alternate the following dates:

  • To counter Hair Loss, it’s best to alternate the dates for Strengthening, Thickening, and Root Work.
  • If you want Longer Hair, alternate the dates for Lengthening and Root Work.
  • For Thicker Hair, alternate the dates for  Thickening, Beautifying, and Root Work.
  • For a More Natural Wave, alternate Beautifying and Root Work dates.

Be sure to cut on the dates indicated. Cutting on any other date will retard hair growth.

Morrocco hair chart w dates 2017 - part 2

Morrocco hair chart w dates 2017 - part 2

For optimal days to RETARD HAIR GROWTH for shaving and plucking, choose any date that is NOT ON the Hair Cutting Chart.

Combining Morrocco Natural, Raw “Hair Food” and Cutting Dates

Take your hair care up yet another notch with the Morrocco shampoos and conditioners. They will heighten the results of your hair cutting schedule. “Feeding” should also be alternated, along with your hair goals to keep your hair healthy and to optimize your hair cutting results..

Root Work Lunar Package

Designed to be used with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting in order to optimize your ROOT WORK hair goal, the Root Work Package works directly with your roots to shock the growth cycle and aid in all aspects of healing the hair and scalp. Containing the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo to increase blood flow and stimulate the scalp, the package also includes the Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy which helps to detoxify and clear the scalp of heavy metals and toxins while balancing sebaceous oils.

Beautify Lunar Package

Containing the Heavenly Essence Shampoo to energize and condition your hair and scalp, this package promotes healthy hair rejuvenation while balancing texture and promoting shine. It is ideal if you’re looking to take your hair to the “next level” of touchable. The Beautify Package also contains the Pearl Essence Crème Rinse which conditions without weighing down your hair, leaving it full of shine and body. Used in conjunction with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting, this package will promote, fuller, more luxurious hair.

Strengthen Lunar Package

The Strengthen Package restores and strengthens the hair and scalp while discouraging breakage and promoting healthy revitalization. Containing the Pine Shale Shampoo, this package will help to bring strength to the root, follicle, and bulb of the hair. The Lunar Strengthen Package also includes the Diamond Crystal Mist which helps to stimulate and revitalize the scalp and hair. This package is designed to be used with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting in order to optimize your STRENGTHEN hair goal and will promote stronger, more resilient hair.

Thicken Lunar Package

This package stimulates the hair bulb and actives the growth cycle. It contains the Earth Essence Shampoo, which detoxifies the hair and scalp, and a choice of conditioner. It has been designed to be used with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting in order to optimize your THICKEN hair goal..

Lengthen Lunar Package

The Lengthen Package gently cleanses and conditions the hair while restoring the natural pH balance to the scalp and promoting healthy hair rejuvenation. Containing the Sea Essence Shampoo to cleanse and condition the hair and scalp, this package also contains the Euro Natural Oil which restores the natural pH balance of the scalp and stimulates sebaceous glands for continued growth. This package is designed to be used with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting in order to optimize your LENGTHEN hair goal.

Take even more control of your hair’s health with Anthony Morrocco’s Blunt Snip Hair Cutting Kit. This package makes DIY hair cutting easy by providing you with the best possible tools to practice Anthony’s evolutionary method of cutting hair that protects the strands, allowing for healthy hair growth.

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  1. When is best time of day to cut hair? I live in Florida. Should I cut myself or go to salon?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Best time would be more to the middle of the time period when the energy would be the highest. Blunt cutting is easily done yourself if you like. .

  2. hi what are the moon seqencess for each of the goals?(length, strenght, thick, longer, root?) Do you cut your hair weh the moon is in….. for(length, strenght, thick, beautify,root)

  3. What’s should the gap between 2 cuts be using the Lunar Goal combinations. Example for longer hair I have to alternate the dates for Lengthening and Root Work. Can i do it in the same month? Or wait longer?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      You can cut more than once monthly, but I personally would alternate on different months, cutting once a month.

  4. Am I supposed to cut my hair once every month on the specific date? Or do I need to wait a couple months to be able to cut again?

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