Anthony Morrocco Lunar Hair Cutting Chart 2015

Morrocco 2015 Lunar CalendarBest Hair Cutting Days in 2015

For fuller, longer, stronger, beautiful hair, blunt cut your hair on the dates listed below, says hair expert Anthony Morrocco. This is when your hair’s energy, roots and follicles are highest. Cutting on other days can actually abort hair growth or slow it down considerably.

Anthony’s unique holistic method integrates modern science with ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese healing arts. The human body is over 80% water, he explains. Like tidal ebbs and flows, its growth cycle is influenced by the moon’s gravitational pull. For centuries humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops; planting during a particular lunar cycle determines what the crop will yield, and often how much it will yield. This same practice can be applied to your hair.

Delineating peak energy days, bold numbers indicate optimal monthly dates.
Best seasonal days—Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solsticeare in bold red text and italicized. FM indicates a full moon.

January: Lengthen 18-19, Thicken 13-14-15, Strengthen, 3-4-5 (FM), Root Work 26-27-28, Beautify 31

February: Lengthen 19-20, Thicken 1-2-3 (FM), Strengthen 10-11-12, Root Work 22-23-24, Beautify 27-28

March: Lengthen 4-5-6 (FM), Thicken 9-10-11, Strengthen 22-23, Root Work 17-18-19 (Spring Equinox), Beautify 1

April: Lengthen 19-20, Thicken 15-16, Strengthen 10-11-12, Root Work 3-4-5 (FM), Beautify 23-24-25

May: Lengthen 12-13, Thicken 8-9, Strengthen 3-4 (FM), Root Work 20-21-22,  Beautify 30-31

June: Lengthen 4-5,Thicken 1-2-3 (FM), Strengthen 12-13-14, Root Work 17-18 (Summer Solstice), Beautify 8-9

July: Lengthen 1-2-3 (FM), Thicken 10-11, Strengthen 5-6-7, Root Work 24-25, Beautify 30-31 (FM)

August: Lengthen 6-7, Thicken 2-3, Strengthen 28-29-30 (FM), Root Work 20-21-22, Beautify 10-11-12

September: Lengthen 2-3, Thicken 26-27-28 (FM), Strengthen 21-22-23 (Fall Equinox), Root Work 16-17-18, Beautify 7-8

October:Lengthen 23-24, Thicken 4-5, Strengthen 1 or 31, Root Work 27-28 (FM), Beautify 14-15

November: Lengthen 23-24-25 (FM), Thicken 28-29, Strengthen 19-20, Root Work 10-11, Beautify 1

December: Lengthen 16-17-18, Thicken 7-8-9, Strengthen 26-27-28 (FM), Root Work 21-22 (Winter Solstice), Beautify 2-3-4

Most Beneficial Haircutting Days are:

March 17-18-19Spring Equinox — are the best dates to cut for spring and the ultimate date for lengthening
June 17-18Summer Solstice — are the best dates to cut for summer.
September 21-22-23Fall Equinox — are the best dates to cut for fall.
December 21-22Winter Solstice — are the best dates to cut for winter.

Please Note: Dates are based on Pacific Standard Time, Northern Hemisphere. If you live outside of this time zone, recalculate the dates for your time zone and hemisphere. Days listed are 24 hours, so mid-date is the most beneficial.

Featured image: Flickr, Mainstream – crop Julia Busch



  1. Yay I am first.
    To grow it very long how do I cut the hair or rotate the cuts for ultimate cutting? And if the days are not red or red, underlined, or bold, but just black, do I skip them or cut on those days also.


  2. Hi.Thank you for having this available 🙂 but it confuses me a little bit.when would be the next best time to cut my thinning hair in February? I will be trying the blunt cutting technique in the video. Wish me luck! Peace ♡ Glo

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Glo,

      Any date that is recommended, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Always include a root work day if you are cutting/trimming more than once. In fact, you may want to begin on a rootwork date.

      Good Luck!

  3. shoud i follow this calendar if i live in london,uk?

  4. Hi..ty for your response:) I am in New York
    How do I adjust to my eastern time zone?
    My hair is thinning and falling out…I will only cut my hair once a today a good day? I had planned on cutting today. I thought today was good for thickening? Peace ,Glo 🙂

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Glo,

      Any day is good as long as it is indicated on the chart. NY is 3 hours later than CA. Just add 3 hours onto the time. Hope this helps.

  5. I am excited to be trying this and will be cutting today!!

  6. I would love to try this but I’d like to know if it is proven to work. Every site I go to has a different take on things, some say cut during full moon, some say cut during new moon, some say during waxing and others say never during waxing only during waning. Have you used this before yourself?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Yes, Sid, it does work. We have had people using the system for many years and I post an update yearly. Sometimes, not fast enough for some people because they are so very anxious to get the dates.


  7. Hi planning on cutting my hair today and the indicated date says for beautifying? What exactly does that mean?


    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Aly,

      There are special energy days when clipping can excite your hair’s growth rate to lengthen your tresses and strengthen your roots, follicles and bulbs to improve resiliency. You can promote new growth cycles to thicken, directly shock your roots to send your entire growth cycle into high gear, or fine tune texture, sheen, and waviness to beautify.


  8. Hi,

    I want my hair to grow thick, strong and also have a good texture. Please advise on which days I should cut my hair.


    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Heena,

      You will want to alternate thicken, strengthen, and beautify dates with rootwork dates. Always blunt cut and every other haircut should be on a rootwork date. Depending on your hairstyle, you don’t have to cut much off each time you cut.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Hi.. how to use this method properly.. i am from Pakistan.. i wanna grow my hair very long but they are too short and did not grow fast.. plz help

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Rubi,

      Alternating the dates for rootwork and lengthening should work. For more information read over the post for 2014 and 2015 and cut on the dates indicated in 2015.


  10. I have fine thin hair which id like to thicken not grow what sequence shall i follow in march i cut on rootwork date and april on a thickening date what next and thereafter would appreciate advice thanks

  11. Hey! I have very coarse hair & thick. I want it to grow faster & longer, I’ve been trying for many years now & I definitely want to try the moon phases. I’m due for a haircut in June, when would be the best time to do it ?

    • Julia M. Busch says:


      All the dates are in the 29015 calendar. Check the calendar and check your time zone. And snip away.

      Hope this helps.

  12. Hi Damien, I’m still abit confused about when Is the best time for cutting hair to lengthen it as I live in the southern hemisphere (australia). I was thinking of getting it cut either on the 12th or 13th of May but i’m not sure that is correct now…

  13. Elizabeth says:

    My name is Elizabeth.
    i been reading and washing your videos. Everything you do looks interestig. I have a really bad problem …I have been losing my hair since I was 15.. im 33 now…my hair is really poor now. But my problem is because bad eating and excessive stress disorder. ..the question is can your products help me still.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Hair and scalp can absorb just so much. So while they can help, your first job would be to get your nutrition in order and start eating right. Proper nutrition could also do wonders for you stress levels.

      Hope this helps.

  14. Hi,
    I am excited to do my first Summer Solstice cut this June (2015), but I’m confused. Its says that the Summer Solstice cutting days are June 17 and 18 on the chart, but the Solstice is on the 21st. Which is better? I want to make sure I do it right.

  15. Hi Julia,

    I am from Pakistan & want to opt for rootwork; am cofused about the pacific standrad time, i read the Pakistan is 12 hours ahead of Pacific Standard time, so should i trim my hair on 17 or 18th? Kindly advise?

    Thanks & Best,

  16. best days for thicken hair in eastern standard time zone

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Marie,

      Check the calendar and allow for the time difference from West to East coast. In other words just add on 3 hours. I hope this helps.


  17. Daniela Dimitroff says:

    I just wanted to remind you that you have to be aware of lunar days too. For example, the good days to increase hair growth in June are 17-18, but these days are not so good from lunar days perspective…(Lunar days 2 and 3 respectively). And June 20th is not mentioned as a favorable day for hair cut, but on the other hand this is a lunar day 5 and moon is also waxing, so I don’t see a reason why in your chart day 20th is indicated as retarding hair growth day???
    Please advice,

    Thank you

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Anthony Morrocco’s chart is different from any you have probably seen. It does work and takes many things into consideration. Just follow the chart. I hope this helps.


  18. Marlene says:

    Hi….I would love to try this ASAP! I am wanting to cut my hair during the full moon, 1 2 3 of June at the best time and best date. If I am in MI (central time zone) what day and time would be the VERY BEST for me?
    I am aware that I’m 2 hrs ahead of you, but I’m not sure if I should cut @
    my time 10am = 12pm your time or @
    my time 2pm = 12pm your time. What I was thinking is 2nd of June @ 2pm. Please help! Thanks in advance.

  19. Marlene says:

    Sorry, I’m considering 2nd of JULY @ 2pm central time zone. Thanks again. ☺

  20. How often can I blunt snip my hair? Is twice a month too much??

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Zara,

      When you blunt cut, you can take off as little or as much as you like. You can certainly trim your hair twice monthly.


  21. PureJoy says:

    I LOVE Anthony Morrocco’s LUNAR Hair Cutting Chart! I’ve been following it since the start of 2010 alternating what I feel my hair needs when I get it cut…lengthening, root, strengthen and my hair is NOW long for the first time in my life at 70! I also have been using “HEALTHY Shampoo with no chemicals” and my hair is naturally silver no longer yellow. Thank you Anthony! Any suggestion for products to keep it silver?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Purejoy,

      You may want to contact Anthony Morrocco personally. Here is a linkto his site. I know he has a clear henna which may help, but you can check to see if there is something else.

      Hope this helps.

  22. PureJoy says:

    Also, glad to see you’ve posted the chart for the whole year so I can plan my next haircut based on the MOST FAVORABLE day… Sometimes I don’t like the haircut so I try a different hairdresser and go for a new cut sooner! I like sharing this chart with every Hairdresser I go to. It’s too GREAT to NOT share with everyone!
    I especially liked the 2013 LUNAR HAIR CHART as it was easy to record when I got it cut and for what purpose…….THAT”S the Chart I would print and take with me to GIVE the new Hairdressers!

  23. Hi it says August 2-3 is ideal for thickening. But how is this so when the moon is actually waning during this period?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Anthony Morrocco’s chart takes more into consideration than the phases of the moon.
      I hope this helps.


  24. I love this hair chart.Some people hate to cut their hair to much.The chart makes it fun.

  25. Edalys marzo says:

    Hi I live in u.s.a Florida is this a good calendar for me . or should I adjust my time zone

  26. Robin Sartain says:

    I want to know what time zone your calendar is in. I do not see one and I need to know.

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Robin,

      The calendar is based on California time. This would be Pacific Standard Time. Remember there are 24 hours in a day. So depending on where you are having your hair cut, the timing is more or less critical.

      Hope this helps,

  27. I also love the chart,
    I am using it since beggining of the 2014.

    My hair is curly and quite strong and has grown a lot since I am using this method, but what I am concerned is that my ends are really thining, even if I cut it (every 4 months or so).

    Is it maybe because I cut it only on lenghten days? Maybe I should try root work or strenghen, what do you think?
    Tnx 🙂

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Maja,

      You may want to trim more often, trimming less than you normally do each time. Rootwork is always good to mix into the schedule.

      Hope this helps.


  28. I would like to trim my hair next month on the dates for thickening. However, it was mentioned that the equinox dates are the best. When should I cut next month?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Hi Liv,

      Equinox is a strong date, especially if it coincides with what you are trying to accomplish.


  29. I have been using this chart for over 15 years! it really works! my friends think i am crazy but love my hair!

  30. living in australiasumer day are diiferent then america and the rest of the nation .you mention cutting hair 17,18,19 for the coming spring,well spring in australia falls settember to november so what days do we pick for hair cut,is it when the moon is in full moon or others?

    • Julia M. Busch says:

      Using the dates given for Pacific Standard Time, go to the online World Clock and to figure your time.

      • spring equinox in perth .w.a happens the 20 day for hair cut falls either on the 21 or 22of march wich 21 is leo and 22 is virgo good for hair cut.i have watched antony video and my undestanding is that the spring equinox for hair cut is a bit different,and we can choose those days in the calendar .is that correct?or do i need to get my hair cut on the same day that the spring equinox falls in perth which is the 20of march,and by the way 20 of march in perth is sunday and my hairdresser is closed that why i cant choose that day.thanks.

  31. Hello,
    what does blunt cut mean?
    “For fuller, longer, stronger, beautiful hair, blunt cut your hair on the dates listed below, says hair expert Anthony Morrocco.”

    Thank You!

  32. I ve told you that Morrocco Method natural shampoos  transformed my hair and scalp, but I haven t told you how lunar cutting played a huge role. As a matter of fact, using Anthony s lunar hair chart and his recommended blunt-snip technique transformed the parting, cowlicks, and wave patterns of my hair.

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