5-Second EyeLift Revealed by Beauty Expert Julia Busch in Woman’s World

Well, I’m a little late in posting this. But I thought my readers would appreciate knowing that I was in a recent Woman’s World feature that included information on my Natural Eye Lift kindle.

Cover Natural Eye Lift #1 Best SellerNatural EyeLift author and beauty expert Julia Busch, in the current Woman’s World feature Ask America’s Ultimate Experts, offers simple tips that make huge differences in your perceived age. The June 16, 2014 WW article “Help! My eyes make me look old!” reveals one of her most dramatic – how to tighten and lift the upper lids in seconds.

“Did you know that upper eye lids are one of the easiest facial areas to lift?” she asks, “and practicing one simple exercise will make an immediate difference. Your eyes will look wider, brighter, your lids will be lifted, and you will appear instantly younger. If you practice the exercise daily, the effects are cumulative and will last longer and longer. You’ll look like you’re growing younger.”

Here’s how: After spraying or splashing mineral water around your eyes, add a light vegetable oil or moisturizer for slippage and to prevent wrinkling. Place the index fingers under the outer edges of each eyebrow, middle fingers under the eyebrow arch, and ring fingers under the inner edges, press in lightly but firmly to access the muscles underlying the skin.

Blink once to be sure your hold is firm and squeeze your eyes closed, keeping enough resistance so that your fingers move with the muscles. It’s like weight-lifting for the eye muscles. Repeat the squeeze three times. Rest for the count of 5. Repeat the exercise again. That’s it! Now check the mirror.

“While the temptation is to continue doing the routine throughout the day,” warns Busch, “don’t practice the program more than twice daily for the best results.”  from CNN article

Julia Busch - Natural EyeLift in Woman's WorldClick on the photo to enlarge.

Amazon.com lists a series of Julia M. Busch’s face lifting, skincare, holistic health and anti-aging books, including her noted Treat Your Face Like a Salad and Facelift Naturally acupressure program.

I hope you enjoyed the Woman’s World article as much as I enjoyed the interview and sharing this with you. Thank you for reading and sharing.


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